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Our history


Our brand CHEEKY PAY has a thirty year experience in the field of beachwear. We have always held our brand in a valuable niche in the medium and high. Our seriousness has allowed us to keep in these years more customers loyal that, aiming everything on a real handicraft production strictly Made in Italy (we have our atelier in which we have always been autoproduciamo). As our policy we have never done a stock. For our habit cataloghiamo scontorniamo and our products making it easily accessible to our warehouse in quantity, articles, fabrics and sizes. Our production chain ensures a distribution service throughout the year even with the possibility of orders on fabrics available in stock. The brand is known and loved by insiders as a pioneer of style and revolutionary in the eighties and nineties up to radically change the old imperatives of beachwear, so much so that we have been honored by the various magazine with rivers of editorial articles and covers. No representative has never had our collection and today as in the past we allow ourselves the luxury of us seek.



Irreverent but not vulgar, of class, comfort and wearability, refinement and originality the fruit of research and self-denial. This is Cheeky Pay, indeed Pay Petrucci, fascinating woman and eclectic, creative designer of this brand of beachwear salentino but known and purchased worldwide.
The dad would have wanted to pay a forensic career, but when it has much to say, nothing can prevent the creative explosion. And so it was: after a disappointment for work, 30 years ago, Pay has heard the irrepressible impulse to give life to a line of costumes all its own, original, different from those trivial and boring costumes who imprisoned the body of women with hooks and prints unlikely. Licra, strings, but especially double-face. In short a pioneer of a style, a way of being, always a step forward with the trends in vogue. Many successes and confirmations in the history of this prestigious brand: a corner in the mega-store of Fiorucci in Milan, collaboration with Golden Lady reaching a number of sales of approximately 100,000 heads, covers on Elle, Marie-Claire and not only, and many celebrities over the years have chosen to wear these unique creations, constantly love by insiders and customers. A further praise goes to render homage to the designer for having created and maintained in the years the laboratory here in Lecce in the Salento (arduous undertaking these days!), always choosing a high quality fabric. To admire and purchase these precious artifacts salentini, fruit of a neutral geniality and an irreverent but delicate whim, you can go to one of the many corners of the cheeky Pay in Italy and abroad (Milan, Naples, Formentera Ibiza, Rome etc.) and especially in the boutiques of Otranto, Lecce and Ibiza.